New York Comic Con 2013 : Saturday

NYCC 2013 Saturday

After another long day, I’m back again with photos from the Saturday New York Comic Con! To start us off we have a lovely Asuna cosplay, you can find the photo without the text further down in this post.

NYCC 2013 Saturday

Arrived bright and early once again and there’s still so many people!

New York Comic Con Artist Alley

Started off the day to look around at artist alley.

NYCC Stay Puft Cosplay

Mostly took photos of cosplayers today. To start us off we have the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.

NYCC 2013 Bioshock Cosplay

Some pretty cool Bioshock cosplay


NYCC 2013 Boba Fett cosplay

NYCC Marisa Kirisame Cosplay

Lovely Marisa Cosplay

NYCC 2013 Sailor Moon Cosplay

Any Sailor Moon fans out there?

NYCC 2013 Power Rangers Cosplay


NYCC 2013 Cosplay

Dragon Ball Z Cosplay NYCC 2013

Awesome DBZ Cosplay

NYCC Sharknado Cosplay

Sharknado cosplay! Would never even thought of cosplaying as such a thing, but when everyone saw him they knew exactly what he was.

Madokami Cosplay

NYCC Goodsmile Booth

Moving back into the show floor we return to the GoodSmile Booth to spend more money.

Ah my Goddess Figure

This Ah my Goddess figure is simply stunning! Too bad it was display only T.T

Insane Black Rock Shooter Figure

Insane BRS is huge!

Nyaruko Figure

Cute Nyaruko figure

NYCC Intel Booth

Intel displaying some sort of advanced racing simulator.

World of Tanks NYCC

World of Tanks! I ended up getting into WoT myself after watching Girls und Panzer

Robotic Man

Mildly scary Robotic man

Anti-Zombie Car

Seems like a good anti-zombie car. Would also love to have something like this for when I get sick of sitting in traffic.

Miku Hatsune Cosplay

Cute miku cosplay!

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Cosplay NYCC

Gotta love Spongebob references.

Deadpool Cosplay NYCC 2013

Kirito Cosplay


Mad Moxxi Cosplay NYCC 2013

Very nicely done Mad Moxxi Cosplay.

NYCC 2013 Assassin's Creed Cosplay

One of the best Assassin’s Creed cosplays at the con! (so far)

TouHou Cosplay NYCC 2013

Moving out into the lobby to get more cosplay pics, came across this group of TouHou Cosplayers. More cosplay below:

Bane Cosplay NYCC 2013

Despicable me cosplay NYCC 2013

X-Men Cosplay NYCC 2013

Ghostbusters Cosplay NYCC 2013

NYCC Cosplay

NYCC 2013 Cosplay

Asuna Cosplay NYCC

Attack on Titan Cosplayers

Daft Punk Cosplay NYCC

The ever-popular Daft Punk

Castle Crashers Cosplay

Villager Cosplay NYCC 2013

Anime NYCC

Taking a break from photographing cosplayers to walk more of the show floor. Decent selection of anime merchandise scattered about the convention.

Vocaloid IA

Booth focused around Vocaloid IA. Had some cool shirts and CDs to buy.

Vocaloid IA

New York Comic Con 2013

Checking out some of the big name booths, which were absolutely packed with people. Looks like Nintendo has a new Super Mario coming out.


Big red car

Attack on Titan Cosplay NYCC

Awesome titan cosplay!!

Titan Cosplay NYCC

NYCC Cosplay

Wasn’t sure if this was a cosplay or a statue as the guy stood perfectly still!

NYCC T-Shirt Wall

Huge wall of T-Shirts.

Iron Man Cosplay

Epic duo

Black Gold Saw Cosplay NYCC

Nicely done Black Gold Saw cosplay.

Daisuki Booth NYCC

A bunch of cosplayers at the Daisuki both

Daisuki Booth Cosplay NYCC

Kill la Kill Cosplay

Awesome Kill la Kill Cosplay.

Kill la Kill Cosplay

Wasn’t expecting to see any Kill la Kill cosplay since the show is relatively new but these two did a great job!


Viz media booth

Huge banner for Ranma 1/2 at the Viz media booth.

Bumblebee Cosplay NYCC 2013

Bumblebee makes his return to this years Comic Con!

Bumblebee Cosplay NYCC 2013

It must take a while to put this on ^^.

Bumblebee Cosplay NYCC 2013

NYCC Cosplay 2013

Gorgeous cosplay!

Kid Icarus Cosplay

Ika Musume Cosplay

Ika musume!

Doc Ock Cosplay NYCC 2013

Epic Doc Ock Cosplay.

Adventure Time Cosplay NYCC 2013

Really nice Adventure Time Cosplay

Fire Emblem Cosplay

Survey Corps Cosplay NYCC 2013

Survey Corps salute!

NYCC 2013

Phew, what a day! That about sums up today’s photo collection from NYCC 2013. As usual you can find all these photos (and more!) on my flickr set for Saturday 2013.

If you’re a cosplayer and see your photo here I’d be happy to credit you, just comment or contact me and I’ll add your name! Cosplayers feel free to use my photos for yourselves, if you want a full resolution photo contact me at : peter [at]

Also be sure to check out Yesterday’s photos and Sunday’s photos as well.

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