Random Figure Photos 3

Nendoroid Miku Append

I’ve been wanting to do posts like this every month or so but never really got around to it ^^. Today we take a look at mostly a bunch of random figure photos taken over the past few months. We start off with Miku Append, I don’t I’ve ever uploaded any pictures of her. Definitely a nice nendoroid.

Nendoroid Luka Cheerful Ver.

I dropped my Nendoroid Luka Cheerful Ver. the other day and chipped her hair T_T. It’s pretty noticeable, really sad it happened but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

Nendoroid Makise Kurisu

Was really happy to get my Makise Kurisu nendoroid!

Figma Makise Kurisu

… and my Kurisu figma…

Makise Kurisu Prize Figure

… and this Kurisu prize figure. Not a huge fan of this one but since it’s of Kurisutina I had to get it.

Popura Figure

Another prize figure I picked up is this lovely Popura, which I think is pretty nice for a cheap prize figure.

Nendoroid Saber

Another nendoroid that never gets any love, but still a really nice nendoroid none the less. I should definitely include saber in future photos.

Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter & Akaza Akari

Having some fun with my Nendoroid Akari. One of my favorite nendoroids to date.

Nendoroid Rin Kokonoe

Rin learned twintail attack!

Nendoroid Madoka

Akari’s bun attack is very versatile.

Nendoroid Petit

I’m starting to run out of space to display all my figures. I cleaned off this shelf above my desk to accommodate the overflow. Right now it’s getting filled up with nendoroid petits.


Spending time to dust off all the figures. Usually what I do is take all of them off the shelves, dust off the shelf, dust off the figure, then put everything back. I have to do this in shifts as not all my figures fit on my desk anymore.

Evangelion iPhone

I decided to jailbreak my iPhone not too long ago, and wanted to make it look unique. I designed this Evangelion inspired home screen which I thought turned out pretty cool. Would love to have a whole OS that looked all NERV-like but I don’t know how to do that. I’ll probably upload this home screen image sometime in the near future once I’m done making tweaks to it.

Nendoroid Annelotte

Picked up Nendoroid Annelotte recently.

Nendorodi Petit Mami

Poor mami…

That about sums it up for this edition of random figure photos. I usually upload these photos to my Twitter and to MyFigureColletion, so be sure to follow me / add me if you want to see more frequent pictures!

Thanks for looking!

2 thoughts on “Random Figure Photos 3

  1. Ahaha those are some random selections! And you just display your Nendoroids on shelves eh?

    I keep mine in a Detolf cabinet but dust still gets in so I have to dust them like every 3 months..=3

    And Akari’s bun missiles…HAHAA

    • Yeah I keep all my figures on shelves… kind of a pain as I have to dust them all the time. A detolf would be nice but sadly I don’t have any room for one ^^.

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