Evangelion iPhone Wallpaper

Evangelion iPhone

A while back in my random figure photos 2 post I shared a pic of my jailbroken iPhone with a custom (made by yours truly ^^;) Evangelion themed wallpaper.

Figured I might as well share my creation with the rest of the world as there is no point in keeping things to myself ^^. Below are some PNG files for iPhone 4 which you can use for your lock/home screen:

Evangelion iPhone 4 Wallpaper


Evangelion iPhone 4 Home Screen Wallpaper

if you’re interested in how I got rid of the clock & slide to unlock on my iPhone 4 I used Androidlock XT to get rid of the slide to unlock and Clock Hide to get rid of the clock. Definitely gives it a cool look!

I’ve also modified the above designs for the iPhone 5 incase any iPhone 5 users are interested. I don’t own an iPhone 5 and the original designs were for iPhone 4 so they might not look as cool but I did my best ^^;

Evangelion iPhone 5 wallpaper


Evangelion iPhone 5 wallpaper


Enjoy! Feel free to give feedback~

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