The New York Comic Con is the yearly event where my wallet goes to die. I always overspend, but it’s only once a year so I don’t feel so bad ^^. With GoodSmile company being there along with a big selection of figure booths I went especially crazy buying things. I usually don’t do loot posts often but Comiccon is the one exception as its probably the time when I buy the most stuff at once.

As you can tell from the above photo, practically my entire budget went into nendoroids. Nendoroid Petit

Picked up some nendoroid petite blind boxes and two madoka blind box figs.

Nendoroid Homura School Uniform ver

Was excited to see Goodsmile selling Nendo Homura school ver at the show. When on got there on friday they only had a few left, so of course I had to buy her! She was priced really well I thought, so it was great to finally get her. Will definitely upload some pics of her later on.

Nendoroid Mahiru Inami

I’ve been wanting nendoroid Mahiru for a while now, so when I found a booth selling her I couldn’t help myself. Now all I need is Yamada and I can complete my wagnaria nendoroid set (I should probably get the playsets too though).

Nendoroid Kuroyukihime

Also picked up the gorgeous Kuroyukihime nendoroid from the Goodsmile booth. I’ll be reviewing her next week, stay tuned!

Nendoroid petite Yomi and Mato

Also from the Goodsmile booth comes the adorable Nendoroid petite Yomi and Mato set.

Nendoroid Catalog

GSC was handing out these catalogs of all their recent/upcoming nendoroid releases. How many have you preorder/bought? I’ve got my eye on a few…

洗熊公社 Artbook

Only picked up one artbook this year. Artist alley was a bit of a disappointment this year at NYCC, there were hardly any anime/manga artists! I liked it better last year when the anime stuff was separate, but anyway. This one is from the artist group 洗熊公社, you can see some more of there stuff here: It came with a bag and poster which was really nice!

Black Rock Shooter phone strap

Also picked up this adorable BRS phone strap. Too bad the iphone doesn’t have a place to hang phonestraps… maybe I’ll just hang it from my bag.

K-ON! Nendoroid Petite

Opening up some blind boxes…

K-ON! Nendoroid Petite

Here are the results.. got moe moe kyun mio (the secret item!), bikini ritsu and mugi. Was kinda hoping for tanned azunyan but these are perfectly fine.

Madoka blind box figures

Opening up the madoka blind boxes, got madoka and kyoko (no homura ;_;)

Nendoroid Petite Miku

In the vocaloid blind box came miku! Was happy to get her as I’ve never gotten her in other vocaloid blind boxes I’ve bought before.

Goodsmile Company Bags

GSC gave you a lovely orange bag if you bought something, got two of em as I bought things on Friday and Saturday. Got the big bag from buying the artbook.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. whoa… now that’s a lot of nendos and petits *o*…. hehe, I’ll be looking forward to Kuroyuki-hime’s review, mate! as for the Madoka blind boxes, me twinks Madoka looks fine, but not so sure about Kyoko…. o3o simply love the effects on their hair! 😉

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