One Off – Shiozaki Haruno

One Off - Shiozaki Haruno

To kick off the start of summer, I decided it was time to start up with outdoor shots again! I received the lovely Shiozaki Haruno by Kotobukiya in the mail the other day and thought she was the perfect figure to do an outdoor shoot with.

Shiozaki Haruno

This figure was a last minute impulse buy, but I’m definitely not disappointed! She’s incredibly cute

Shiozaki Haruno Bike

Her bike is also very detailed

Shiozaki Haruno figure

Thought she was eating apples at first, but upon closer look it looks like she’s eating tomatoes ^^.

Shiozaki Haruno Bike

Shiozaki Haruno

Shiozaki Haruno

Shiozaki Haruno

This figure just fits so perfectly outdoors!

Shiozaki Haruno

Now that the weather is consistently warm I’m looking forward to being able to do more outdoor photo shoots. Hopefully I can find time to do more of them as they are a lot of fun and the results are usually satisfying.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for looking~

10 thoughts on “One Off – Shiozaki Haruno

  1. Very good figure, the details speak for itself, The bike is stunning and together with Haruno makes it photogenic.

    Nice background choice too, blends in very well to make it more realistic.

      • After sleeping on the thought of this figure, I think I might want to get her actually.

        I like figures that are different from having the usual circle plastic stand. This one having a bike makes it more real and I like that.

  2. These are really nice pictures, the subdued lighting gives it a nice atmosphere.

    I was on the fence whether to buy this figure or not, specially given the small scale, but I think I might now if money allows.

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