Liberty City Anime Con 2015

Liberty-City-Anime-Majoras-Mask-CosplayThis past weekend was a bit hectic, as there were two anime cons going on at once in the New York area! First we’re going to have a look at the Liberty City Anime Con, a small fan-run anime convention which took place August 28, 29, & 30th.

Crown Plaza White PlainsThe con took place at the Crown Plaza hotel in White Plains, NY (About an hour north of Midtown Manhattan). I’ve never really spent time in White Plains before, so it was interesting to walk around and see the area a bit. Parking was also insanely cheap, but it looks like the city has an abundance of parking spots judging by all the parking garages around.

Liberty City Anime ConventionBeing a small convention, the dealers room was a bit tiny.

Liberty-City-Anime-Con-Artist-AlleySame with artist alley, but hopefully as word gets out about the convention it will get more popular as time goes on!

Liberty-City-Anime-Con-CosplayI didn’t spend too much time at the con as I was going back & forth between here and Waku Waku, but I did manage to snap a few cosplay pictures between Friday + Saturday. There was some really good cosplay to be seen!

Liberty-City-Anime-CosplayVery stunning cosplay!


Liberty-City-Anime-Dragonball-CosplayLoved this Dragonball cosplay

Liberty-City-Anime-Billy-Mays-CosplayBilly Mays!!!



Liberty-City-Anime-Officer-Jenny-CosplayOfficer Jenny!

Liberty-City-Anime-Sailor-Moon-CosplayLovely Sailor Moon Cosplay.

Liberty-City-Anime-Con-Nudist-Beach-CosplayNUUUUDDDIIISTTOOO BEEEEAAACH.

Despite it’s small size, overall it was still a very enjoyable convention. Liberty City defintiely has the potential to grow even larger, and hopefully as time moves on word will get out and it will become more popular!

Cosplayers, if you see your picture, I would love to give you credit! If you see your photo and want me to add a link to your page, comment or email me at Photos are free to use for your cosplay page, just give a link back to my blog if you can ^^;

Thanks for looking!

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