Happy Halloween!

Happy HalloweenIt’s that scary time of year, time for Halloween! Obviously I love doing Halloween-themed photos to celebrate the occasion, and what better way to celebrate than with the Kill la Kill nendoroids 😀

Trick-or-TreatTrick or Treat!

Kiryuin Satsuki Halloween“Curse you, Underachievers!!”

Lamp Miku HalloweenThe great thing about Halloween is that it gives me an excuse to shoot some Halloween-themed figures! This lamp miku figure is quite lovely.

Satsuki & Mako Halloween“Do I really have to wear this?”
“Of course, you have to have a Halloween costume!!”

Nendoroid Halloween SetI feel like I’ve been building sets more and more lately, especially just for some simple photo shoots. Obviously I had to build a Halloween set, here’s a quick behind the scenes look at the set I used in my photos! Built it using foamcore + paper for the house front, which is then painted over to add color + effects. Background is painted as well; since it’s just a backdrop it doesn’t have to be too detailed as it’s mostly out of focus anyway.

Happy Halloween everyone! Be sure to have a fun & safe time, and don’t forget to eat lots of candy!!

13 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. “Curse you, Underachievers!!” (*≧∀≦*) – I laughed so hard.
    These are nice pictures and your set is just adorable ( ^∇^)
    Pumpkin Mako is so kawaiiiii!

  2. Hello, I love these pics <3 They are all so adorable! ^^ Is Mako wearing the Pumpking-dress from #36 Merissa Seraphy? I´m searching for Merissa, but I can´t find her. Where did you get your Merissa from?

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