Random Figure Photos

Madoka Nendoroid

This is kind of a dump of random figure photos that I’ve taken throughout the past few months. Been busy with school and haven’t gotten around to taking pictures of all my recent figure gets. But anyway, not too long ago I was able to get my hands on a camera that was actually good ^^. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep the camera as I was just borrowing it, but I managed to take some pictures of my figure collection with it and wanted to share the pictures since I think that they turned out rather nice ^^.

yuki nagato syou shitsu ver nendoroid

Recently got the Syou-shitsu Yuki nendoroid, very cute!

Azusa Nakano Nendoroid

Using the extra body and glasses from the Yuki nendo on Azusa… I think she looks rather nice in glasses!

Black Rock Shooter nendoroid

Black Rock Shooter nendoroid get! Hopefully I’ll get around to posting more pics of her soon.

Figma Tsuruya

Figma Tsuruya

Vocaloid Nendoroid Petits

Nendoroid Petit

Nendoroid petits occupying the shelf above my desk. I’ve always liked nendoroid petits as they can fit on small shelves like this.

Mirai Figma

Mirai figma get. As a long time dannychoo reader this is probably one of my favorite figmas to date.


Kyubey likes to sit here and stare….

Kirino Figma

Kirino Figma get.

Mio Nendoroid

I can never get tired of Mio ^^.

Rin Kokonoe Nendoroid

Can’t get tired of Rin either ^^.

Figma Miku

Figma miku

Madoka Nendoroid

For those interested all pictures were taken on a Canon 60D, which is a huge step up from my usual camera. As mention before however, I was only renting the canon and will probably have to wait a while before I can cough up the cash for a camera like that ^^. Anyway, I tried to make use of the camera for the short period of time that I had it, using it to take these pictures and also for my Black Rock Shooter post.

Thanks for looking!

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