Autumn Days : An Outdoor Figure Photo Shoot

Autumn Central Park Photoshoot

It’s that time of year when the cold weather makes its way back,  leaves start to fall, and the days get shorter. Around late October/Early November is usually when the leaves start to change color here in the northeast. While the weather has been gradually getting colder, yesterday we had some warm weather come our way which made it a great day to be outside. It also makes for the perfect time to do another outdoor figure photo shoot!

Central Park NYC

The transition into winter always makes for some beautiful scenery, the change of leaves makes fall one of my favorite seasons.

Itoshiki Nendoroid

Zetsubou sensei was a nendoroid that I definitely wanted to bring with me since his outfit seems very fall-themed.

Inaba Himeko Figure

Hatsune Miku Yukata Nendoroid

Picked up the Yutaka ver Miku nendoroid at NYCC and I love her! She is incredible cute, and certainly seems to fit nicely in the autumn setting.

Nendoroid hatsune Miku Yukata Ver

“Here, have some!”

 Nendoroid tooko

Nothing better than enjoying a good book in the park

Nendoroid hatsune Miku Yukata Ver

Lovely fall colors

inaba figure

Itoshiki Nendoroid

Central Park Autumn

Enjoying some of the fall foliage.

Shiozaki Haruno

It seems like I have to bring Shiozaki with me on every outdoor photoshoot I do ^^. She just fits in so perfect with any slice-of-life setting.

Miku Hatsune Yukata Version Nendoroid

Miku being cute as ever

NYC At Dusk

While fall is a lovely season, the days always feel like they get shorter since it gets dark earlier and earlier every day.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Hopefully (if the weather cooperates) I can get some more outdoor photo shoots done in the future.

Thanks for looking!

6 thoughts on “Autumn Days : An Outdoor Figure Photo Shoot

  1. That’s a nice day at the park. I love autumn colors and enjoyed your photos especially the Shiozaki and Miku. Oh, I want to have a Shiozaki figure too. :>
    It must be nice to take figure photos in autumn, too bad we don’t have that season here.

    • Thank you, glad you liked the photos! Shiozaki is definitely a fun figure to photograph outdoors, you should definitely get her! Sorry to hear you don’t get Autumn where you live, but hopefully it doesn’t get too cold unlike over here >.<

  2. sweet pictures, makes me want to go out with my Azone doll ^^
    I marked my favs of your pictures on flickr. Aww th picture near the pond (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

    I don’t like autumm for it’s dropping temperatures, also the mainly rainy weather, but the changing colors and the light (with sun) is really nice.

    • Thanks for the fav! Yeah autumn is nice for the lovely foliage, but the downside is the cold temperatures and the inevitable winter that’s approaching ( ´△`)

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