CosCafe NYC : Sailor Moon Cafe

CosCafeNYCToday we get to take a look at an anime related event that happened last month, CosCafe NYC!

CosCafeNYC Sailor Moon CafeA once & a while pop-up event, CosCafe NYC hosts single-day cafés based on a particular theme from an anime. For this past event, Sailor Moon was the series of choice!

CosCafeNYC_SailorMoonCafe3The event took place at Hanamizuki Cafe, a cute little cafe in Midtown with a variety of Japanese fare. However, just for the café, A special team of bakers were on staff who created some lovely sailor moon inspired desserts.

CosCafeNYC Roll Cake

CosCafeNYC Dessert 1

CosCafeNYC Sailor Moon Cafe 2With everything set up & in place, the cosplay staff hold a quick huddle before the cafe starts.

NYC Sailor Moon CafeWith the event in full swing, patrons are eager to take pictures with their favorite Sailor Moon characters.

CosCafeNYC Sailor Moon CafeSailor Venus & Mars strike a pose for one of the artists.

CosCafeNYC Sailor Moon Cafe Artist

CosCafeNYC_Sailor_Moon_Cafe_11The café was separated into four separate blocks, each about an hour long. As patrons sat down to enjoy their desserts + tea, they were also able to engage with their favorite characters to play games & talk.

CosCafeNYC Sailor Moon CafeTime for a selfie!

CosCafeNYC Sailor Moon Cafe

CosCafeNYC Sailor Moon CafeIn the name of the moon~

CosCafeNYC Sailor Moon Cafe

NYC Cosplay CafeSince it was a ticketed event, each of the four blocks were completely filled up, making sure the café was always full of energy!

Cosplay Cafe NYC

CosCafeNYC Sailor Moon CafeTowards the end of each block, guests had the opportunity to get some of the cosplay characters to act out a request via a raffle. one of the popular requests was for an arm wrestle.

CosCafeNYC Sailor Moon CafeSome requests were a bit more specific ^^

CosCafeNYC Sailor Moon CafeOverall it was a really fun event! Looking forward to seeing which other themed cafés are held in the future!



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