Shiozaki Haruno BikeSpring is a great time of year. After a long and dreary winter everything seems to magically come back to life as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer. One of the highlights of spring is when the cherry blossoms start to bloom! The vibrant pink blossoms makes for such beautiful scenery, which can make anyone want to stop and enjoy the scenery.
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Suzuha Amane by Alter

1/8 Suzuha Amane

I think I might have just have a new favorite figure! I got my 1/8th scale Suzuha Amane in the mail the other day, and simply couldn’t wait to do some photos with her. As luck would have it yesterday was unseasonably warm for December, making it the perfect day to do some outdoor photos!

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Black Rock Shooter: Animation Version

Black Rock Shooter Animation Version

At last! I’ve wanted this figure for a long time, and finally got her! Well, I’ve actually had her for a while now, but never got around to taking photos of her. I had some time so I figured I might as well try taking some photos of this gorgeous figure.

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